Adoption is the legal process of permanently adding a child or adult to a family so that the person will be known as the child of the adoptive parents as if he or she was naturally born to the adoptive parents. Adoption occurs through any number of ways including private adoption through adoption placement agencies, State adoption, and step-parent adoption.

State Adoption VS. Private Adoption

State adoption generally occurs following the termination of parental rights. In these situations, Leadbelt area children have often suffered from abuse or neglect and have been removed from the custody of their biological parents. These children have come into the care and custody of the State of Missouri and the state seeks to find families for these children if the biological parents are unable to continue to care for the children.

Private adoption generally occurs where parents are willing to give up their child for adoption or consent to the future adoption of the child. A woman who has an unplanned pregnancy may give up the child for adoption under any number of circumstances including, teenage pregnancy, financial instability, pregnancy resulting from sexual assault and other reasons. Only a court may grant an adoption. so contact Tyler law office today to start the process.

How Our Adoption Lawyer Can Help

Our experienced adoption attorney at Tyler law office frequently represents families in adoptions throughout the lead belt area and will take all the time you need to fully explain the adoption process and answer any questions. Our experienced family lawyer regularly practices before the Judges and Courts that handle adoptions which ensures a smooth process.

In addition to adoptions, our family law attorney and divorce lawyer provide professional representation for many family law matters including divorce, child custody, child support, legal separation, marital property division, maintenance or spousal support, paternity, temporary hearings, adoption and termination of parental rights, prenuptial agreements, post-judgment modifications, ex parte orders of adult protection, ex parte order of child protection, restraining orders, contempt and enforcement proceedings. Tyler Law Office take’s the time to fully explain how the court “system” works, detail the law relevant to your case and outline realistic expectations. You can expect a courteous and knowledgeable staff, 24-hour access to an experienced attorney and fair billing.

Areas Serviced by Our Adoption Attorney

Our attorney at Tyler Law Office has a reputation for excellence. She handles family law matters for clients throughout Southeast Missouri.